Friday, 30 January 2009

Bristol and "Being Human"

A few days ago the BBC showed "Being Human", a series based on a pilot first screened about a year ago as part of the revamping of BBC Three. The show is set in Bristol, so its main charm to me is to spot the locations they’ve used, as with "Teachers" a few years ago, or the odd episode of "Skins" I’ve caught. I lived there for four years, and despite the fact that I was really, really bored of the city by the end, it were four very important years in my life and I got very attached to the place. Actually, since they were shooting "Teachers" while I was there, I managed to spot some of the cast walking around the city, including Andrew Lincoln, who was the lead.

As for the show itself, well… it doesn't really live to expectations. A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share a flat in Bristol, and the first two work in a hospital. As with the pilot, the first episode started really well, and then doesn't go very far. Moreover, the cast has (with one exception) and all but one of those changes were for the worst. The one exception was aided by the fact that the character was rewritten for the series. I shall continue watching it, if nothing else to see which other places I can recognise still – I loved "revisiting" the St Nicholas' Market area.

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