Friday, 12 February 2010

A personal idiosyncrasy, impulse buying and Lego games

I don't care that much for computer games. My parents only got a computer when I was already 18, which was probably way too late to get into them (my brother, who's younger, loves them). I did have two moments of weakness that lasted a few months while I was still at University. Nevertheless, I am not trained and lack the eye-hand coordination required to play them. Getting bored quite easily probably when it doesn't progress at the speed I think is appropriate doesn't help either.

A few days ago I bought 2 Lego games (oh yeah, I am that childish) on promotion to play on my brother's PS3 (which currently lies about 3000km from where I write this and I get to see it and my brother about twice a year, I should add). It was half impulse buy and the other half a mix of several people mentioning they were quite fun and want to own them there and then. Impulse buying and the "there and then" is the reason my DVD and book collections keep growing out of control.

So far, it's bad, but it gets worst. At the same time I saw one of the games I was buying on PC format for a very small amount. Of course I went back today and got it. This is not an isolated problem. At this stage I should mention that I have bought 3 different versions of Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" on DVD - a Pan and Scan (donated to said brother), which was replaced by a French widescreen DVD and then a UK release because the French had the extras dubbed. Thankfully I managed to bypass the 2009 reissue, so I am improving slightly with age. I have on more than occasion got a second copy of a book because I "damaged" the first one a bit too much for my liking. Most people would question why I used the word "damaged" at all. This has also improved, thankfully. But I still managed to buy the same game twice! Which I have now played for an hour. I am not bored but I am frustrated. Partly because I keep getting killed cause I can't move fast enough; partly because the instructions are wrong and partly because I accidentally do things I can't undo. It's all very irritating, but I am hoping I shall pursue it...

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