Monday, 31 January 2011

John Barry (1933 - 2011)

One of the truly greats of film music has died. His legacy will forever be Bond, but personally, I will personally remember him for his amazing scores to "Hanover Square"'; "Somewhere in Time" (a terrible thing that does not deserve his exquisite score); "Body Heat"; "Chaplin"; "Enigma" (his last and not very well known score) and his masterpiece, "Out of Africa" for which he deservedly won one of his 5 Oscars (the others being for the scores of "Born Free", "The Lion in the Winter", "Dances with Wolves" and best song for "Born Free").

I know he hadn't done a score since 2001, but now I know he will never do one again. As a film lover, the loss is astonishing.

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Tom said...

Rest in peace. His music will live on forever.